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History Day 2017 - “Taking a Stand In History”
History Day 2017 - “Taking a Stand In History”

History Day Competitions took place across the Northwest Suburban Integration School District once again as history became alive!

Close to 150 seventh grade students at Rockford Middle School Center for Environmental Studies participated in their schools History Day competition on January 26. Included in the 118 projects, were topics about Benjamin Franklin, Jonestown, Taking a Stand Against Racism, Dred Scott, Horace Mann, Sophie Scholl, Susan B. Anthony, Susan La Flesche, and more! The overall effort of this group of students was above and beyond the expectations of staff!

Judging teams, comprised of one adult from the community and two students, typically high school students who have participated in History Day, interview the students and review the projects.

Salk Middle Pre-Engineering Magnet School saw over 500 student projects.  Student projects included Marie Curie - A Fight for Equal Rights, Martin Luther, The French Revolution, Betty Friedan - The Feminine Mystique, Canoe Country Controversy, Making Germany Great Again, and more.  When staff surveyed former students about to graduate high school, they overwhelmingly rated History Day as the most impactful experience of their K-12 career.

Students at both schools have been working on their projects since last November conducting in-depth research using primary and secondary sources, reading a variety of texts, analyzing and synthesizing their researched information and then writing and presenting their historical content into one of five presentation categories: research paper, exhibit, documentary, performance, or website. Student finalists will move on to the regional competition in St. Cloud, MN