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About Northwest Suburban Integration School District
Northwest Suburban Integration School District #6078 (NWSISD) was created in 2001 in response to the State of Minnesota’s Desegregation Rule.  NWSISD emerged because Brooklyn Center and Osseo Area school districts were identified as "racially isolated" as defined by the Desegregation Rule. A racially isolated school district is defined by law as "a district where the district-wide enrollment of protected students exceeds the enrollment of protected students of an adjoining district by more than 20 percentage points."  In 2011, Fridley Public Schools became racially isolated furthering the work of NWSISD as the demographics of Minnesota continue to change.

The Rule requires schools and communities, of identified districts, to work together to design solutions and implement educationally justifiable, effective and voluntary strategies that provide meaningful choices of integrated learning environments for students and their families.  If a district or school is identified as racially isolated, the district must work with neighboring districts to create a voluntary desegregation plan.

NWSISD envisions a global community learning and growing together, by providing students, parents and staff educational opportunities that are multicultural, diverse and promote racial integration.

  • NWSISD will work to create culturally inclusive learning environments by creating awareness, opportunities, training, and resources for them, and by providing inter-district opportunities to work together around them.
  • NWSISD will work to create inter-district interactions among students, staff and parents that improve intercultural competency and increase student achievement.
  • NWSISD and member districts will work to assist students, including students from racially diverse backgrounds, to be prepared for post-secondary success.

In order to achieve these goals, NWSISD has worked with its member districts to make several programs available to students living in the eight member school districts.  More information about these programs can be found by clicking the links to the left.